SDR Digital Voice Receiver
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AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver

AR-DV1 World’s first and only sideband receiver to decode traffic channels of trunked Tetra networks!
Tetra is used worldwide by:
-Government agencies
-Emergency services
-Public safety
-Rail transport
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AR-DV1 World’s first and only sideband receiver to decode traffic channels of trunked Tetra networks!


10-23-2019 Video of the AR-DV1 Digital Voice receiver successfully decoding TETRA trunked traffic channels of a train station in Paris-France.
(The LCD shows the mode as being "T-VD" which once was a temporary name used for the present "T-TC" mode)
The same decoding can also be performed by the hand-held AR-DV10 Digital Receiver.
TETRA trunk decoding
10-18-2019 Photo of the AR6000 and AR-DV1 receivers being used by peace keeping forces in the Middle-East, for an effective interception and decoding of analog and digital signals. Two AR6000 and two AR-DV1 receivers are used side by side in a 19 inch rack, mounted on a military vehicle. The AR-DV1 receiver on the left is PC controlled via the DV1 MANAGER software made by .
AR6000 and AR-DV1 in the Middle-East
09-05-2019 HAMFAIR 2019 report:
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who came to visit the AOR booth on August 31 and September 1, at the HAMFAIR exhibition in Tokyo.
AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 being now the number 1 selling digital receivers in Japan, this year we put the emphasis on AIRBAND & AIRPORT listening, under the topic "Make monitoring exciting again!".
As a matter of fact, TETRA's traffic channel decoding feature introduction on our AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 receivers, have caused quite a stir in the Japanese monitoring community, as never before it has been possible to listen to airport staff communications where Trunked TETRA is used. The airband enthusiasts can now not only listen to communications between aircrafts and the control tower in AM, but also to the exciting things happening inside the airport buildings and on the runway, via the TETRA mode!
As a local airport was only a couple of km away from the exhibition hall, visitors had the surprise to be able to listen to "live" T-TC signals at our booth, originating from that airport, just by using a telescopic antenna.
AOR booth at HAMFAIR2019
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The AR-DV1 DIGITAL VOICE RECEIVER is now the world's first and only wideband receiver to decode traffic channels of trunked Tetra networks! Tetra is used worldwide by government agencies, emergency services, public safety, rail transport, metro, airports, etc... Speaking of airports, there is an official list of airports where Tetra is used, available on the Nippon Airport Radio Services website
*here*. The list is somewhat outdated; now it's up to you to power up your AR-DV1 DIGITAL VOICE RECEIVER and find out if your local airport uses Tetra or not. Enjoy the monitoring!
Last Update: 10-23-2019