01-08-2021 The AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver has been extensively reviewed in the 2021 edition of the WORLD RADIO TV HANDBOOK.
Click to download the review.
(c) Posted with permission from WRTH Publications Ltd. Visit WRTH at
01-06-2021 For AR-DV10 users: The free 3rd party software "Universal Scanner Audio Player" made by Eldar Nizamutdinov, to playback, search, sort and catalog wav audio recordings, is now compatible with AR-DV10. Check it out at:
12-04-2020 [D] Die Bundesnetzagentur hat am 14. September 2020 eine komplette Liste der zugeteilten TETRA Mobilen Netzkennungen fuer Deutschland zugeteilt.
10-30-2020 We are pleased to announce today the release of a new PC utility for the AR2300 Black-Box Receiver. It allows you to conveniently manage memory channels, memory banks, search banks, scan groups and search groups. Download page.
10-27-2020 We are pleased to announce today the release of a new PC utility for the AR5001D/AR6000 Communications Receivers. It allows you to conveniently manage memory channels, memory banks, search banks, scan groups and search groups. Download page.
10-26-2020 [FR] Nouveau logiciel de pilotage récepteur pour nos amis les aveugles et mal-voyants!
A la demande des membres de l’UNARAF (Union Nationale des Aveugles Radio-Amateurs de France), AOR-France by PROSIC a présenté la première application de pilotage du récepteur AR-DV1, dédiée aux aveugles et mal-voyants. L’application nommée DV1-UNARAF est traduite en audio pour un usage adapté. La version anglaise est en cours de test.
Nous sommes très heureux de cette honorable initiative de Prosic, et de cette première et belle coopération avec l'UNARAF.
DV1-UNARAF sera bientot disponible via l'UNARAF sur

[E] New receiver control software for the blind and visually impaired!
At the request of the members of the French UNARAF (National Union of the Blind Radio-Amateurs of France), AOR-France by PROSIC presented the first control software for the AR-DV1 receiver, dedicated to the blind and visually impaired. This software named DV1-UNARAF is translated into audio for suitable use. An English version is currently being tested as well.
We are very pleased by this honorable initiative from Prosic, and the consequent cooperation with the UNARAF. DV1-UNARAF will soon be available via UNARAF at
[FR] Tony F5ANZ, Président de l'UNARAF qui teste la première ébauche du logiciel.
[E] Tony F5ANZ, President of the UNARAF, testing the beta version of the software.
10-16-2020 We are pleased to announce today the release of a new PC utility for the AR5700D Digitial Communications Receiver "AR5700D Editing Software". It allows you to conveniently manage memory channels, memory banks, search banks, scan groups and search groups. Download page.
10-09-2020 [D] Eine neue Facebook Gruppe (von DG1DX / VisualRadio) ist den Empfängern von AOR und der Software VisualRadio Flash gewidmet. VisualRadio unterstützt folgende AOR Empfänger:
09-30-2020 Our friends at VisualRadio (DG1DX) have kindly created a "receiver-less" spectrum simulation DEMO version of their new VisualRadio control software for the AR5700D receiver. Give it a try!
Link to download page:
After installation, you will be asked to select a VRT file (centered on 6MHz or 107.9MHz) and you are ready to go! This demo has no time limitation and also includes TCP/IP functionality.
Advanced users can also install their "database add-on" for even more functionality. Details at
08-24-2020 [FR] Voici un article très intéressant paru il y a quelques jours dans le journal "Le Moniteur de Seine et Marne", sur l'application gratuite LINKER, qui liée avec le récepteur AOR AR-DV10 (+option décodeur de balise COSPAS-SARSAT) permet de rapidement localiser et secourir des personnes dans des lieux difficiles d'accès.
Lire l'article en ligne:
Site du journal "Le Moniteur de Seine et Marne":
08-19-2020 The popular VISUALRADIO software made by DG1DX is now fully compatible with our AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver. It features complete receiver control with spectrum display and there are optional addons for LAN/Internet control and a powerful web based database. See Visualradio in action in this short video.
Visualradio website:
07-30-2020 The client software for the ARL2300 Ethernet Controller has been updated to version 4.0.10 to support the T-TC (Tetra Traffic Channels) mode when used with the AR5700D receiver. However please note that GSSI Group Filtering cannot be supported remotely.
Client software download:
Updated ARL2300 manual and client software guide download:
06-08-2020 We are happy to inform you that both variants of the AR-DV10 (blocked and unblocked) are now being distributed through AOR USA Inc.
If you would like to purchase, please contact any of our official dealers listed on our dealer's page (
We are also accepting after support for all AR-DV10 that was purchased in the past within the United States.
05-25-2020 PRESS RELEASE (May 25, 2020): AOR's AR5700D DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVER has been empowered with an amazing and unique new feature: A GSSI user group filtering function for trunked TETRA network reception!
05-22-2020 The client software for the ARL2300 Ethernet Controller has been updated to version 4.0.8 to support the new AR5700D Digital Communications receiver.
Client software download:
Updated ARL2300 manual and client software guide download:
05-08-2020 The AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver has been featured in the May 2020 edition of CQ Amateur Radio magazine in the USA.
Check out the AR56700D spotlight page
CQ (USA) 2020/05   (c) Posted with permission from CQ Amateur Radio magazine. Visit CQ at <>
04-03-2020 The AR5700D Digital Communications Receiver has been reviewed in the April edition of the popular RadioUser magazine in the UK.
Check out that detailed review
RadioUser 2020/04   (c) Courtesy of Warners Group Publications plc, which retains the copyright.
Link to RadioUser print/digital subscriptions:
03-13-2020 PRESS RELEASE (March 13, 2020): AOR Ltd. wins a bidding related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics security!
AOR Ltd. would like to raise your attention regarding an alarming increase of fake news regarding its products, circulating on radio related forums, social media groups such as on Facebook, and on fake AOR websites.
The most recent fake news claims that a new AR-DV10 "MK2" version would be released this year. That is totally false.
As a general rule and for the sake of common sense, we ask our dearest and honest customers never to trust rumours circulating on Internet. The only sources of information to be trusted regarding AOR products are, and the websites of our network of official AOR dealers as listed on and
02-27-2020 This is a live demonstration of the hand-held AR-DV10 Digital Receiver successfully decoding multiple digital signals in AUTO-MODE.
This unique and very powerful function is also featured on the AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver and AR5700D Digital Communications receiver.
AR-DV10 auto mode demo
02-24-2020 Video of the hand-held AR-DV10 Digital Receiver successfully decoding a TETRA trunked traffic channel of a governmental entity somewhere in Paris-France.
The same decoding can also be performed by the AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver and AR5700D Digital Communications receiver.
TETRA trunk decoding AR-DV10
02-12-2020 The highly anticipated AR5700D DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVER is now officially released! It's our new high-performance analog & digital communications receiver for commercial and governmental applications. Check the brochure to discover what specifications and features have been improved, compared to the entry-level AR-DV1 receiver. *here*
01-16-2020 Decode digital signals from space!
Did you know that our AR-DV1, AR-DV10, AR5700D receivers, or the ARD300 external decoder, can allow you to decode D-STAR repeater voice signals directly received from a amateur radio satellite downlink?
The following array of Cubesat satellites has been operational for a year or two:
D-STAR ONE iSat (Norad ID: 43879)
D-STAR ONE Sparrow (43881)
D-STAR ONE Lightsat (44393)
D-SATR ONE Exoconnect (44410)
They all use the same (voice) downlink frequency 435.525 MHz transmitted at 0.8-1.2W..
Real-time tracking information available at will allow you to find out when those D-STAR satellites will cross your skies. With that information and providing you have a tracking antenna, our receivers can bring you a new and unique experience.
The official D-STAR ONE project website:
Have fun!
12-16-2019 New BETA firmware 1912A for the AR-DV10 DIGITAL RECEIVER brings you numerous exciting new features to try out during the holidays! Details *here*. Merry X-Mas!
10-23-2019 Video of the AR-DV1 Digital Voice receiver successfully decoding TETRA trunked traffic channels of a train station in Paris-France.
(The LCD shows the mode as being "T-VD" which once was a temporary name used for the present "T-TC" mode)
The same decoding can also be performed by the hand-held AR-DV10 Digital Receiver.
TETRA trunk decoding
10-18-2019 Photo of the AR6000 and AR-DV1 receivers being used by peace keeping forces in the Middle-East, for an effective interception and decoding of analog and digital signals. Two AR6000 and two AR-DV1 receivers are used side by side in a 19 inch rack, mounted on a military vehicle. The AR-DV1 receiver on the left is PC controlled via the DV1 MANAGER software made by .
AR6000 and AR-DV1 in the Middle-East
10-08-2019 Check-out this short video demonstrating the AR-DV10 Hand-held digital receiver being used during a COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue training held by civil security. With AR-DV10 the search and rescue headquarters were able to precisely locate the distress beacon well before the team "in the field" using conventional methods.
The 406MHz COSPAS-SARSAT distress beacon signal decoder (displaying ID, coordinates, RAW) is a commercial option. To enable this feature on your AR-DV10 receiver, you can purchase an unlock key at .
09-24-2019 [FR] Voici un article très intéressant paru hier dans le journal "La république de Seine et Marne", sur les récepteurs AOR et leurs applications dans le domaine de la recherche et le secours des personnes dans des lieux difficiles d'accès. Télécharger le pdf de l'article.
article la rep Site du journal "La république de Seine et Marne":
09-09-2019 A very interesting use of the AR-DV10: Receiving voice communications from the downlink of a UHF satellite.
AR-DV10 Receiving voice communications from the downlink of a UHF satellite
Are you also using AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 in an unusual setup, or to receive unusual signals and would like to share it with us? Send your videos (max.1min) or pictures to, and we might publish it on our website for everyone's enjoyment!
09-05-2019 HAMFAIR 2019 report:
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who came to visit the AOR booth on August 31 and September 1, at the HAMFAIR exhibition in Tokyo.
AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 being now the number 1 selling digital receivers in Japan, this year we put the emphasis on AIRBAND & AIRPORT listening, under the topic "Make monitoring exciting again!".
As a matter of fact, TETRA's traffic channel decoding feature introduction on our AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 receivers, have caused quite a stir in the Japanese monitoring community, as never before it has been possible to listen to airport staff communications where Trunked TETRA is used. The airband enthusiasts can now not only listen to communications between aircrafts and the control tower in AM, but also to the exciting things happening inside the airport buildings and on the runway, via the TETRA mode!
As a local airport was only a couple of km away from the exhibition hall, visitors had the surprise to be able to listen to "live" T-TC signals at our booth, originating from that airport, just by using a telescopic antenna.
AOR booth at HAMFAIR2019
List of exhibited products:
07-11-2019 We are pleased to announce the release on July 31 of a new and exciting accessory for the AR-DV1 receiver!
AR-DV1 TAI (Tablet App Interface for iOS and Android)
Control the AR-DV1 and listen to the received audio, through your tablet's web browser!
Go to the product page.
We updated our repair policy on warranty repair, out of warranty repair and the latest list of Non-supported products.
Click here for further details.
We are relocating to new business premises on July 1st, 2019.
Our new premises are at 426 West Taft Avenue, Orange, CA 92865
Our contact number remains the same.
Click here for further details.
04-17-2019 Addition of TRUNKED TETRA (traffic channel) decoding to the AR-DV10 firmware. Have fun!
04-03-2019 Have fun experimenting with your AR-DV10 receiver: Connect it to another (non-digital decoding) AOR receiver and use it as an external digital decoder! Details *here*.
01-28-2019 blank
AR-DV1 TETRA review RADIOLIFE magazine 2019/03
AR-DV1's new trunked Tetra decoding feature has been reviewed in the Japanese RADIOLIFE magazine edition 2019/03. The English transcript can be downloaded
*here*. Courtesy of SANSAI BOOKS Ltd.
The AR-DV1 DIGITAL VOICE RECEIVER is now the world's first and only wideband receiver to decode traffic channels of trunked Tetra networks! Tetra is used worldwide by government agencies, emergency services, public safety, rail transport, metro, airports, etc... Speaking of airports, there is an official list of airports where Tetra is used, available on the Nippon Airport Radio Services website
*here*. The list is somewhat outdated; now it's up to you to power up your AR-DV1 DIGITAL VOICE RECEIVER and find out if your local airport uses Tetra or not. Enjoy the monitoring!
01-16-2019 The new firmware 1812C for AR-DV10 adds the following great features:
- Power-save mode
- Log recording and playback via a new PC utility.

Go to the firmware download page.
Last Update: 01-08-2021